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Outdoor Solutions

Outdoor sports enthusiasts of all types take notice. SylvanSport's Mobile Adventure Gear is tailored to you, providing more conversion, storage and travel options than a Swiss Army Knife.

White Water Kayaking

The GO is the ultimate shuttle vehicle. The GO will hold 2 kayaks underneath when in its fully closed position, and you can stack as many on top as your resourceful imagination will allow.


Expedition Kayaking

Begin your next expedition whenever you want, load up your boats and GO. Not only can you haul multiple boats anywhere you want, but you can camp in a spacious, comfortable environment when you get there.



Canoeing is a relaxing and fun way to see the calmer waterways. Getting your boat there should be just as easy and relaxing. Just strap your boat on the GO and take off.


Mountain Biking

Mountain Bikers and Adventure Racers… this is your one essential piece of gear. Take as many bikes as you want, once there you have an all-in-one base-camp to eat, plan, hang out and sleep in.


Road Cycling

Racers and Recreational riders alike will appreciate the ability to transport your expensive bikes and gear to any site, safely and securely. The fact that you get a whole campsite built-in is a huge bonus!



Fill your packs and grab your boots; the GO has enough space to take the entire Cub Scout Den to the trailhead with room to spare.



Working on a problem or route that requires time? The GO is the ultimate base camp. It offers shelter from the elements and lockable storage to leave your rack when you head into the local watering hole.



Carry your all your surfing gear securely and in style. You can outfit the GO for everyday or a long trip to remote breaks.


Dirt Boarding

For those not familiar… Dirt Boarding or Mountain boarding is the most extreme (and fun..) form of boarding around. You can ride them anywhere, in the dirt, at the beach, or on the street and the GO can take you anywhere you want to ride.



The GO will easily trailer two full-size bikes (or one ATV) to the farm or wilderness. Thank to the versatility of the GO's tent conversion, you can spend the night and ride the next day.



The GO will easily trailer most ATVs to your favorite trail. Thanks to the versatility of the GO's tent conversion, you can spend the night and ride the next day.



Quick setup to get the kids out of the car and into the bunk. Light and versatile, the GO is perfect for getting out and exploring the world around you.


Building Materials

Building a deck or taking down an old shed? The GO offers a tough, durable platform for bringing materials in or removing tools and trash from the work site.



With an easy, tool-free removal, the GO is an open-topped Utility Trailer capable of turning your small car into a weekend pickup truck. Move refrigerators, trees, dorm rooms… anything!


Yard Waste

Do you have a big oak tree in the yard? The GO is a great platform for hauling off tree limbs and bags of leaves to your local green recycling centre.



Load the grill, cooler and bean bag game and take off. The GO has plenty of room for everything you'll need. If you're concerned about getting the best parking spot, leave the night before and camp out in the tent!