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Q: How much does a GO Trailer Tent weigh?
The GO Trailer Tent weighs 381 Kgs and you can also carry 363 Kgs of vehicles, gear and equipment and stay under the 750 Kgs limit for un-braked Class 01 trailers.
Q: What is the frame made of?
High quality aircraft grade aluminium. It is TIG welded in precision jigs totally in house at Sylvan Sport to maintain the highest possible assembly standards. It’s what sets the Go apart from almost every other trailer of this type and puts it in a class of its own.  
Q: Can I tow it with a small car?
As an un-braked Class 01 trailer of 750 Kgs or less the GO can be towed by really small vehicles. Please check your specific vehicles towing capacity.
Q: What kind driving license is required to tow a GO?
The GO Trailer Tent can be towed by all drivers from 17 years old with a full car license – even those who have passed quite recently.
Q: Is the GO easy to set-up?
Yes. It is designed so that one person could set it up in just a few minutes. Our videos will take you through all the steps.
Q: How many people does it take to set-up?
Just one – It’s quicker with two - but nothing is a challenge for one.
Q: How long does it really take to set-up?
After the first couple of times it should take one person only 15 minutes to set-up or take-down a GO and much less for 2 people.
Q: Where do I store the tent?
The tent is stored in the pod that it is hanging from. It stays attached to the GO frame at all times thus never needs to be removed.
Q: How many road or mountain bikes will it hold?
You can carry four bikes on top by adding a third-party rack system. If you convert the GO to transport mode, you can carry many, many more.
Q: How many kayaks can it hold?
You can easily stow two smaller kayaks underneath. By adding a third-party rack system, you can carry two to six kayaks depending on how carefully you tie them down.
Q: Where can I find and purchase accessories for the GO?
Visit the online shop for accessories. You also might want to sign up on our mailing list at the bottom of this page, so we can let you know about other ideas and cool products as they become available.
Q: What is the best way for me to clean and care for my GO?
Cleaning is simple. Treat GO as you would your car, washing it with soap and water. The front storage pod and mudguards are made of durable, recyclable polyethylene (LDPE) and will hold up to virtually all cleaning products.
The tent can be washed using a mild cleaner. A simple sponge and cleaner will work in most instances. If you need to remove the tent for a full cleaning, be sure to remove all poles and use a front loading washer that does not have an agitator.
As for maintenance, just make sure that you lube your hubs (the self-lubricating bearings make this super easy). Check your tyre pressures and make sure the wheel nuts are tight before each trip. See your owner’s manual for more details or contact us for help.